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Passion Week Part 3Passion Week Part 2Passion Week Part 1


Passion Week Part 3

Good Friday (April 18th) is a day of fasting and repentance.  No mass shall be held but instead at 3pm which is recognised worldwide as the time Jesus died, people go to say their prayers, kiss the cross and receive Holy Communion.  Immediately after this and just as dusk is falling, the streets become filled…

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Passion Week Part 2

The Holy mass on Palm Sunday is known to be a longer one. Not only are the Churches decorated with Palms and Olive branches – blessed and given to the faithful to take home with them, but it is common practice to have three priests reciting the gospel. One of them takes the role of…

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Passion Week Part 1

Malta’s religious roots lie deep and were sown when St Paul who was on his way to Rome to be tried, swam ashore to the Island of Melita, after the ship he was on, sank just off what are now known to be St Paul’s’ Islands.  The Maltese were introduced to Christianity in the year…

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