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In Malta one can find many different sport activities to do. Whether during summer or during winter, in the water or ashore, Malta has something to offer for everyone. One can do diving, windsurfing, walking/hiking, paragliding, rock climbing, horse riding, abseiling and much more. Since the winter months are very mild, many sport groups organise their training camps in Malta during this time of the year.


Malta has a very versatile diving site for experts as well as for beginners. Since the water temperature during the winter month is still around 15 degrees it has perfect condition to make Malta a year round destination for divers. The marine diversity is very rich especially in winter since some species come closer to the coastline. Many diving schools offer courses for beginners and experts likewise. About 40 diving schools offer their services and equipment to make the dive excursion unforgettable. A great diversity of fish species, spectacular caves and ship wrecks and a sight of about 40 metres are just some of the highlights one can expect.


Golf can be played on Malta year round. Since Malta only has one golf course it is essential to book in advance if you want to learn Golf in Malta. The weather conditions are perfect for golfing since there is neither frost nor fog nor continuous rainfall. So far there is only one golf course in Malta with 18 holes and 5000 metres of length. It is easily accessible from everywhere on the island as it located in the centre, in Marsa. Many hotels even offer arrangements which include golf.


Training camps for football teams are very popular in Malta and Maltese are very enthusiastic with football even though they didn’t get many international achievements so far. The football facilities are constantly being improved and the mild winter climate enhances the possibility to use Malta as a training camp destination.

Swimming and Snorkelling

The crystal clear water combined with nice water temperatures make swimming and snorkelling in the ocean a great experience. Along the coastline one can find different accesses which make it easy to go for a swim into the ocean. Also, different stands provide snorkelling equipment which can be borrowed. But also for the ones who don’t like swimming in the ocean there are a lot of swimming pools, partly direct at the ocean, where a swim can be enjoyed.