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Learning a Language in Malta

Learning a Language in Malta

Malta is very popular with young people as well as with adults in terms of learning languages. Not only the beauty of the island or the vibrant nightlife attract thousands of people every year to study languages in Malta but also the great offer of about 40 different schools with manifold programmes to every liking. Language schools in Malta range from internationally branded schools up to smaller intimate schools hitting each and every segment of this industry.

The schools offer great packages where accommodation is offered either in a nearby Hotel, a hostel, a host family or a special accommodation run by the school for language students is provided.  Diverse leisure programmes can be chosen and these differ from school to school. The activities can be for example sport activities ranging from football games up to snorkelling or cultural activities like sightseeing as well as team building activities to encourage social interaction between the students originating from every imaginable place of the world.

Language holidays are offered throughout the whole year and are also attractive during the winter months due to the mild climate and the island still being pretty lively.

It is difficult to find a combination of all above named factors together with an English speaking environment so close to the European mainland at such affordable prices anywhere else than in Malta. The Maltese population speaks an easy to comprehend English making it easier for language beginners to interact with the locals.