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Ecotourism and Agritourism

Ecotourism and Agritourism

Nowadays eco-tourism is gaining more and more popularity for tourists worldwide. When talking about Malta as a tourist destination not many people connect it to the possibility of doing eco- or agritourism as this concept has only recently been introduced to the Maltese Islands. Nevertheless, there are a couple of very interesting offers in this sector which should be taken into consideration when planning a holiday in Malta.

A combination of conservation, preservation and educational tours are offered through walks and visits of nature sites combining the culture, tradition and history of the various sites visited. One can do walks through the nature and learn about the Maltese flora and fauna and its geological characteristics in the same time or engage in exploring salt harvesting procedures in Malta, visit the little vineyards spread over the islands or see how honey is made in Malta. The educated guides on the different ecotours are able to explain the various flora and fauna found on the islands and their importance to the society over the years.

Agritourism has also started to develop in Malta. Here one has the possibility to witness the traditional way of farming practiced in the many tucked away farms and savour the rural cuisine prepared by the local farmers.

Hotels and transportation is also being constantly upgraded on the Maltese Islands to reduce CO2 emissions and to be able to create an overall ecologically sustainable tourism experience.