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Malta has many attractions to offer that suit everyone’s needs and expectations. Here’s a list of the main things people can see and do in Malta. 


Malta’s capital city, Valletta, is a must see for those who are visiting the island. Surrounded with picturesque architecture, history and filled with shops, restaurants and bars, this city is very welcoming. Because of its rich history it has become a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Mdina, Malta’s former capital city, is a fortified city found in Rabat. Due to the fact that not many cars are allowed inside the city and its small population, Mdina is also known as the Silent City. Known for its beautiful view of Malta and history, Mdina is a major touristic attraction and a must see for those visiting the island.

 The Three Cities

Birgu, Senglea and Cospicua are three fortified cities found in the south of Malta, and together they form the island’s famous Three Cities. These cities are rich of history, dating back to the Phoenicians, and can give a true glimpse at the authentic Maltese life.


Gozo is one of Malta’s sister islands and is located only 25 minutes away by ferry. Although very close to Malta, Gozo is known to be more rural and peaceful. Gozo is three times smaller than Malta, but nonetheless there are many sites to see, such as the famous Azure Window. 


Comino is the smaller of sister islands in Malta and is famous for its crystal clear water in the Blue Lagoon. Many come on the island to dive, snorkel or simply relax by the sea. What is interesting to know about Comino is that no one lives on the island, and just one hotel can be found there.

 The Blue Grotto

A popular attraction in Malta is the Blue Grotto, situated in the southern coast of the island. This site is very popular because of its location it is recommended to visit it in the early hours of the day when the sun is still low to enjoy a better view.

The Megalithic Temples

It is believed that the oldest freestanding temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site named Ggantija, a temple that dates back to 5,000 BC and is found in Gozo. Along with this temple, there are another 5 megalithic temples around Malta that are listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Sites; these are ĦaġarQim and Mnajdra both found in the village of Qrendi,  Ta' Ħaġrat Temples and Skorba Temples in Mgarr, and the Tarxien Temples in Tarxien.

The Mosta Dome

The third largest church dome in Europe is Malta’s famous Church of Assumption of Our Lady, also known as the Mosta Dome. The church is known for what is believed was a miracle, when back in World War II a bomb went through the roof of the church, with hundreds of people inside, but did not explode.

St Paul’s Catacombs

Located close to Mdina and Rabat, the St Paul’s Catacombs are evidence of the early signs of Christianity in Malta.

Fort St Angelo

Located in the centre of the Grand Harbour of Birgu, Fort St Angelo is a large bastioned fort that dates back to the medieval period when it was originally built as a castle. Between 1530 and 1690 the Order of Saint John rebuilt it as a bastioned fort. The fort was used during attacks and wars, and although it was damaged during World War II, it was later restored.

Fort Rinella

The world’s largest cannon, a 100-ton gun, is found inside the Fort Rinella in Malta. During World War II, the fort was used by the British to surveille the coast. Today the fort has been turned into a museum open to the public.

Dingli Cliffs

The highest point of Malta is found in Dingli Cliffs, approximately 220m above sea level, dropping right down to the sea. The beauty of this location is the outstanding views one can enjoy, with breathtaking sunsets and relaxing walks along the cliffs.


Malta is one of the most popular diving destinations in Europe, with plenty of wonderful sites and perfect weather conditions and water clarity. With over 40 diving schools on the island, you can either enjoy an introductory dive or start a beginner course.



Popeye Village

The film Popeye was filmed in Malta in the 1960’s and the set for the movie, now known as ‘Popeye Village’, has become a major attraction. Everything from this place will remind you of the famous film, from the houses to the characters ready to entertain you. 

Splash and Fun Waterpark

Keep your kids entertained with water slides, the wave pool and fun activities at Splash and Fun Waterpark. Perfect for families with children of all ages and adventurous parents.

Mediterraneo Marine Park

At the Mediterraneo Marine Park in Malta you can educate and entertain your children at the same time. The park offers the opportunity to better understand dolphins, sea lions and parrots by watching shows and interacting with them. There is also the opportunity to swimming with the dolphins.


At the PlaymobilFunPark kids are encouraged to play with the toys in a more creative way. With an internal and external play area, the park offers activities for children of all ages. The park offers water based activities, sand-pit, playhouse and life-size Playmobil animals.

LWS Animal Park

Located in the south of Malta, the LWS Animal Park offers 20 different animal species, all living in their natural settings. A stable is available with ponies and horses for the children to ride, along as other attractions such as miniature trains, go karts and play areas.