Location: Ta' Qali, Malta

The name Meridiana and the estate’s sundial insignia have been inspired by Malta’s Southern European location.

Meridiana has its roots in 1985 as a result of a conversation between Mark Miceli-Farrugia, a trader in wines for over 20 years, and a Bordeaux oenologist. The latter persuaded Mark that there was potential for high-quality wine growing in Malta. As a consequence, Meridiana Wine Estate was established in April 1987. The company’s pioneering mission is to produce “World-Class Wines of Maltese Character” – internationally acclaimed wines made from wine-grapes grown exclusively in Maltese soil. Until then, all “Maltese wine” was produced from a mixture of table-grapes, imported wine-grapes, and sugar. Up to this day, Meridiana stands alone in Malta in militating for the enaction of internationally endorsable wine regulations which ban the addition of sugar to Maltese wine, Meridiana is also insisting that such regulations distinguish truly Maltese-grown wine from imported make-believes.

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